COVID-19 Policy (updated June 28th 2021)

When the mask mandate was lifted in NJ everyone at Fredon Animal Hospital was optimistic we would soon be shedding our masks. We did take the month of June to ensure that covid cases would not rise in the face of the reduced restrictions. Covid cases are generally in decline across the state. Unfortunately Sussex County has the second highest rate of infection per capita in the state and has the highest positive test rate in the state.

Fredon Animal Hospital has immune compromised staff members. We also have multiple employees with children at home that are too young to be vaccinated. In order to protect these more vulnerable members of our staff and families we will regrettably continue to require facial coverings to enter our building

The delta variant from India is taking over as the most commonly isolated variant and it is more contagious and causes more serious illness. The Brazilian, or gamma variant, is also on the rise. It has caused devastating illness and mortality in young children, a population that has been minimally affected by the original alpha/European strain. In the face of these facts we simply cannot justify any increased risk to our employees and families.

We are as tired of wearing masks as anyone and we know COVID fatigue is real so we genuinely appreciate your respect and compliance with our mask requirement. We continue to hope that Sussex County cases stabilize so that we can see ALL of you in the near future.

1. We will continue to restrict the number of clients in the waiting room at once so please call when you arrive for an appointment so that we can let you know that it is okay to enter the building. We would also appreciate a call when you arrive to pick up your pet from any procedures. If the waiting room is at maximum capacity we can always do your discharge outside.

a. Exceptions to the call in are morning drops off for surgeries and other
procedures. From 8AM to 9AM you can simply come to the entrance. Please
wait outside if the check-in desk is clearly full or you may be directed to one of
the chairs in the waiting room until we can have you approach the desk.

b. We also do not require you to call if you are just picking up a prescription. If the
front desk has no open stations, please wait outside for a minute until there is
room for you to enter and maintain social distancing.

2. We will continue to restrict the number of people in the exam room at one time. If you are traveling with a minor, need assistance or are here for an end of life discussion we will make an exception to our exam room limits.

3. Owners are welcome to accompany their pets into the exam room to be present for the entire exam. However the veterinarian is likely to ask a technician to restrain your pet for any procedures that require prolonged proximity. If your animal is brought to the treatment room for nail trims or blood draws etc it is merely to minimize exam room crowding and to maintain reasonable social distancing.

4. Anyone entering the building should have a mask on that covers BOTH the mouth and the NOSE; COVID-19 is not just expelled from your mouth, it is exhaled from your nostrils.

5. Curbside service is available to anyone who requests it.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Enjoy your summer safely and stay well.